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Why Serve

Why be a Bedhead?

DSC_0625-300x200Bed Start provides an opportunity to be in relationship with others in our own communities.

  • Serving allows us to make a significant and immediate difference.
  • Serving allows those in need to ask for help and receive it with Love and understanding.
  • Serving builds connections beyond a line on your resume. The freedom and exposure to new environments, suburban and urban, draws on creativity to cultivate new ideas in philanthropy.
  • Serving builds new skills in grass roots outreach, humanities and logistics.
  • Serving supports a positive view of humanity and our future.
  • Serving grows new relationships, not just with those you serve with, but people from all walks of life.
  • Serving creates an opportunity to accomplish something as a team that couldn’t be accomplished individually.
  • Besides, it’s great exercise without a gym membership.

To get started, complete the Service Application Form and Confidentiality Agreement and mail them to:

Bed Start, Inc
P.O. Box 866322
Plano, TX 75086-6322

Or, simply send them as email attachments with your interest to